Main Programme

The adult programme in the main tent is roughly as follows. Please note that exact timings may vary, and the programme is subject to change. More detail is shown on the Programme Details page.

8.30 am – Morning prayer and praise (main marquee)
Every morning there is intercessory prayer in the main marquee, followed by praise and worship which is led by the New Dawn music ministry.

9.30 am – Morning session (main marquee)
Each morning there will be a talk by one of our main speakers:  

10.30 am – Tea break 
Refreshments available from the catering marquee.

11.00 am – Celebration of the Eucharist (main marquee)
The Eucharist is one of the highlights of New Dawn.

On Wednesday there is a significant change to the morning programme:
a Rosary procession from the conference site to the Priory Grounds will start at 10.20 am, where the Mass will take place at 11.45 am.

1.00pm – Lunch break

2.00pm – Adoration & Rosary (main marquee)

In the afternoons (Tuesday – Friday) there are a large selection of workshops to help and encourage people to live and grow in faith.  At the same time there is an opportunity for personal prayer ministry in the Main Marquee.

2.15pm to 5.15pm – Adoration, prayer ministry and confessions (main marquee)
Adoration continues with gentle praise and worship music, led by Katherine Lee and Rosanne Walker.  There is also an opportunity for personal prayer ministry with our Healing team.  Both Adoration and prayer ministry continue to be available until 5.15 pm.  Some priests also make themselves available for confession in the main marquee during this time.

2.15pm to 3.30pm – Workshops (various venues)
Choose from a selection of workshops to help you live and grow in faith.

3.45pm to 5.15pm – Workshops (various venues)
Choose from some more workshops.  Some of the more popular workshops from earlier may be repeated.

5.15pm – Evening meal break

6.30pm – Evening session (main marquee)

9.30pm – Conclusion of daily timetable of events.