Family Camp


Closing Date: Saturday 30th July 2022, 3pm!

The Family Camp will be open Monday 1st – Friday 5th August.

Should you wish to book, please ensure that you have registered for the Conference first, as you will need your unique ID reference to complete the Family Camp Booking Form. If you haven’t yet registered for the Conference click here.

*You can find a full instructional video for booking the Family Camp here.

Camping Fees:

£11.00 per night per adult (18+)
£7.00 per night per child (5-17)
£10.00 per night (over 65’s)
FREE under 5’s


Must I pre-book for the Family Camp?
Yes, you MUST pre-book before the CLOSING DATE: Saturday 30th July 2022, 3pm.

When can I get onto the camp site?
Full access to the camp site will be available from Monday 1st August 2022. Minimal camping will be open for those who can only arrive on the Sunday evening (31st July 2022). However, infrastructure such as toilets and shower blocks cannot be guranteed until the Monday. Furthermore, since reception will not open until 11am on the Monday, we do strongly advise that pilgrims do not arrive for the camp site until the Monday.

Can I use my existing PayPal account when booking?
Yes! If your PayPal account is with you will automatically be connected after clicking ‘Pay Now’. However, if your account is with then open your PayPal account in a separate tab before clicking ‘Pay Now’ on the Booking Form.

I’m under 18. Can I camp on my own?
There are special rules concerning 16-18’s who are not camping with their parents.

Can I reserve a particular pitch on the site?
No. When you arrive you will be directed to the next available suitable space by the camp organisers.

But I want to camp with my friends who are arriving later!
In this case, please arrange to arrive together; saving of spaces cannot be accommodated. We ask that this decision be respected by all campers.

Can I plug in my electric hair straighteners, phone charger, etc.?
No, this is not a permanent camp site and so we are unable to allow this for risk assessment and health/safety reasons. The electricity supply is only permitted for Conference needs with equipment that has been electical safety tested.

My husband/wife/friend etc. can’t come to the Conference but want to come beforehand to help set up my tent/deliver the caravan. Do they need to register?
No, they only need to register if they will be onsite during the Conference itself (Monday – Friday).

What is permitted on site?
Tents, caravans and motorhomes are permitted on site (caravans and motorhomes will be located in a separate designated area).

What facilities will the camp site include?
Toilets, washrooms/shower blocks, breakfast tent with fridge/freezers and waste bins.

Can I park my car/vehicle/motorcycle next to my tent?
No, cars/vehicles/motorcycles are permitted on site for drop off/pick up only. There is a separate designated car park for all cars/vehicles/motorcycles. This is a requirement of our safety regulations.

Does New Dawn take responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles on site?
No, all vehicles are parked in the designated car park at the owners own risk.

Can I bring my pet?
No, pets are not permitted on site (except for Guide Dogs).