New Dawn Uganda

After attending New Dawn Walsingham in 2001, Fr Immanuel returned to Mbarara (South-West Uganda) and started New Dawn the following year, attracting 8,000 pilgrims! Fr John Bashabora, one of the organisers in Mbarara, is also a well-known and much loved regular speaker at New Dawn Walsingham. Over the year’s, thousands upon thousands of pilgrim’s lives have been changed through the healings, miracles, teaching, prayer and praise at New Dawn. Myles Dempsey (founder of New Dawn in the Church), attended Uganda at least twice and often recounted his amazement at seeing crowds of up to 50,000! In January 2019, Gary Stephens (successor to Myles) also attended Uganda and addressed pilgrims in their hundreds of thousands!

In January 2020, the first ever New Dawn also took place in Lira (Northern Uganda) with over 5,000 pilgrims! After attending Mbarara in January 2019 with Fr John Bashobora, Fr Moses Owani of Lira Diocese was inspired to start New Dawn in the north of the country and so worked tirelessly, with support from Gary, to make this happen! Bishop Wanok of the Diocese of Lira concluded the conference saying that he was extremely excited about New Dawn. He added that New Dawn has come to re-awaken the faith of the people of Northern Uganda, that Christ has come to stay with His people! Glory to God!

Let us keep in prayer our brothers and sisters of New Dawn Mbarara & Lira!!