Prophetic Word 2022

~ Prophetic Word received by Gary Stephens for 2022 ~

A year of new sight, readiness, courage, and defence of the truth.

A year of new sight and deeper perception: On the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God, I could see an elderly man kneeling waiting for Holy Mass to begin. He was looking intently at a pair of glasses which he was holding and fidgeting in his hands. Turn to Mary without hesitation! The Father is calling His sons and daughters to look intently towards Christ through Mary, who will magnify our perception/vision of God so that we experience Christ’s Love and Mercy in a new and profound way (Luke 1:46-47, Ephesians 1:18).

An explosion of mental illness in families and society: I heard a knock at the door late at night. In front of me I saw a tough young man displaying obvious signs of extreme paranoia and mental illness. I felt apprehension. The man was very agitated and throwing his arms in the air. He looked at me and said “I need your help!” I replied, “You need to give your life to Jesus…” to which he responded: “What does that mean? I don’t know what that means!” He then walked away helplessly lost. Guided by the Holy Spirit, wisdom, prudence and experience, the Church and individual members within the Church, need to be ready to help those who will come desperately looking for help. Courageous men and women, are being called by the Father to rise up in leading the broken-hearted to Jesus Christ, who came “to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound” (Isaiah 61:1).

Defend the Profession of Faith: In prayer, I saw a priest and congregation making the Profession of Faith during Holy Mass. Then with a loud voice, one of the parishioners mixed up the words causing great confusion for the priest and majority of the congregation who fell silent in response. To my great surprise, the priest walked away without correcting the error of the congregation. ‘He who shouts the loudest wins!’ Confusion will arise through attempts to change the Faith of the Catholic Church. Pay close attention and prayerfully meditate on the Ancient Truths contained within the Creed. Do not fall silent nor be afraid to “shout from the housetops” (Matthew 10:27) in defence of the true teachings of the Catholic Church. Appointed “for the defence of the Gospel” (Philippians 1:16), Bishops and priests must lead in this defence.

Gary Stephens
Leader of the Prince of Peace Community & New Dawn Chairman