The Ugandan Martyrs!

Today we celebrate the Memorial Feast of the Ugandan Martyrs Saint Charles Lwanga & his Companions. On this day in 1973, Myles & Joan held their first house Prayer Meeting which later became the “blueprint” for New Dawn.

On this great day, let us ask for God’s blessing upon the New Dawn Community & people of Uganda, especially Fr Immanuel who after visiting New Dawn Walsingham in 2001, returned to Mbarara (South-West Uganda) and started New Dawn the following year! We also pray for Fr John Bashabora, a regular speaker at New Dawn internationally and organiser of the Conference in Mbarara. Finally, we pray for Fr Moses and his team who last year launched the first New Dawn in Lira (Northern Uganda).

Like the Ugandan Martyrs, may we never be ‘ashamed of witnessing to the Lord’ (2 Timothy 1:8) 🙏

Photos taken by Gary Stephens last year at the Shrine of the Ugandan Martyrs in Namugongo.