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Virtual New Dawn 2021


Dear Friends,

Due to the ongoing pandemic, I have made the difficult yet prudent decision to host another virtual conference for this year’s New Dawn (Monday 2nd to Friday 6th August). I appreciate that many of you will be greatly disappointed and saddened by this news. However, please be encouraged for ‘the guardian of Israel never slumbers nor sleeps’ (Psalm 121:4). Since we last gathered in the fields of Walsingham for New Dawn 2019 the world has entered a difficult time. But God is doing marvellous things: “See, I am making all things new” (Revelations 21:5). New Dawn itself is in a special time of grace and restoration, of tearing down and building up, of being made new! Much of which was confirmed in the prophetic word released earlier this month (click here) and the following words of Myles Dempsey (Founder of New Dawn) written in 2006:

 “I am convinced that in the near future we are going to see the Lord acting in a much more remarkable way – that something new is coming. I relate this to a word I received in 1973 soon after I first came into Charismatic Renewal. I was marvelling at what I saw God doing and I felt Him say ‘You will see the day when I will bring people tumbling into my Church’. I think we are going through a time of cleansing and purification at the moment, like Gideon’s army. But this is so we will be able to receive a much more mighty grace. I feel we must get new wineskins ready for this – get the right structures in place.”

Taking to heart these consoling and encouraging words, let us look forward with hope to gathering once again in the fields of Walsingham for New Dawn 2022!

God Bless

Gary Stephens

Leader of the Prince of Peace Community & New Dawn Chairman