New Dawn 2022

Glory to God for a Week of Grace Upon Grace

This year, for the first time in the history of the Conference, the main programme took place within the Shrine & Basilica grounds whilst the healing, children, and youth ministries as well as social & food tents were located on the usual fields opposite the Shrine. We are extremely thankful to Walsingham Catholic National Shrine for welcoming New Dawn into the Heart of the Church – onto consecrated ground where countless pilgrims have stepped foot in honour of the Annunciation and for the celebration of Holy Mass.

The newness of this year’s Conference was noted by both physical and virtual pilgrims: “It’s been a blessing attending 20+ New Dawns and this one was outstanding, with a wonderful new feel and power to it.” (Physical Pilgrim) “What a wonderful conference it was this year. Something was very different about it, and it came across loud and clear.” (Virtual Pilgrim) Pilgrims from all over the world encountered God the Father’s love, in His Son Jesus Christ, through the transforming love and power of the Holy Spirit. Thank You Holy Trinity, for Your unbeatable generosity!

Thank you to this year’s Principal Celebrants & Homilists – Bishop Philip Egan, Canon Mgr Philip Moger, Rev. Fr. Cliff Kayombo Fumbelo, Fr. Michael McCormick, Fr. Joseph Columba Meigh and Fr. Joseph Gulliford. Thank you to our Main Speakers – Michelle Moran, Allegra Mutanda, Rev. Fr. John Baptist Bashobora, Dr. Caroline Farey, Damian Stayne, Fr. Joseph Gulliford, Fr. Joseph Columba Meigh, Niall McDonagh and Derek Williams. We also thank workshop presenters and the various ministries – tech, music, healing, children, youth, creche, hospitality, registration, admin, welfare, and the entire team. Glory to God for the generosity of those who shared their gifts and talents and worked so hard to make this year’s Conference happen. We also thank Radio Maria England for broadcasting this year’s Conference.

Finally, we thank – YOU – the physical and virtual pilgrims for coming to the 36th annual Conference. New Dawn 2022 might be over, but Christ our bright morning star continues to rise in our hearts, lives, families, and land.

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