Youth Ministry

'Behold, I make all things new'

Exciting News!!

Florida Life Teen leader Mr Justin Lantz, teaming up with Mr Mike Guarino from New York, will be heading up this year’s Youth Ministry at New Dawn!

Check out Justin’s exciting invitation in this short video. Share this with your teens and young people – the Lord is doing a new thing and we are very excited to welcome our special guests.

Justin Lantz and his wife Amanda have three kids, Jeremiah, Noah, and Gloria. He enjoys kayaking, fishing, and playing guitar, and has 20 years’ experience as a Youth Minister and worship leader. He is a Saint Leo grad (theology), and currently serves as a full-time youth minister and worship leader at St. Timothy Catholic Church located in Lutz, FL.

During his gap year in college he spent a year serving as a Youth Ministry Missionary for Life Teen in Liverpool, England. He has hosted multiple youth camps as musician and speaker at Covecrest located in Tiger, GA and also served as Camp Director ther. Justin has a passion for serving the poor in the Dominican Republic and has been leading mission trips for over 15 years there.

As a teenager, Justin had a huge transformation in his life as he fought demons of drug abuse and indifference in his Catholic faith. He was slain in the Holy Spirit at a Youth Conference in Steubenville Ohio and had a powerful encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist that forever changed his life. He is most passionate about empowering teens to know that they are loved by God.

Michael Guarino and his spouse Marissa are the proud parents of three children, an adult nonverbal daughter with autism, a son who is a Physician Assistant with an MBA, and another son who recently graduated from the University of South Florida.

Mr. Guarino is an accountant by trade and is considered an expert in the Healthcare Industry with over three decades of experience. He is the Executive Director and founder of an Independent Physician Association (IPA) which is made up of over 3,000 independent physicians. In addition, Mr. Guarino is the founder and President of Practice Management of America, a Managed Service Organization (MSO) that is responsible for managing healthcare for over 600,000 patient lives. He is know for changing the healthcare delivery system to lower costs and increase quality of care.

Mike is also a charismatic lay Catholic speaker and Youth Minister at St. Jerome’s Catholic Church located in Largo, FL. He is instrumental in coordinating confirmation, weekly life nights, retreats, and camps throughout the year. He and his family have also been on several pilgrimages including the Camino de Santiago, the Holy Land, Fatima, multiple World Youth Days and so much more. He has met face to face with the pope on a number of occasions. He is most passionate about leading teens into a deeper relationship with Jesus through the Eucharist.


How old do you have to be to join in Youth Ministry?
The age for partaking in the Youth Ministry at New Dawn is 12-17 years old.

How do I register my child/young people for the New Dawn Youth Ministry?
When registering for the Conference, you will be asked to tick the following statement if you wish your child/young people to take part in this year’s Youth Ministry: ‘I grant permission for the child/children in my care to participate in New Dawn’s Children and/or Youth Ministry streams. I understand that they remain my responsibility at all times during the Conference.’

*To register on the Conference click here.

What ‘School Year Group’ should I register my child/young people?
Youth should register for the year group they have just completed, not the year which they will enter in September 2022.

Does my child/young people have to take part in all of the Youth Ministry programme?
No, but they are invited to do so as there will be an exciting programme tailored to their own age group. They will also join the main conference programme for special events. If your child/young person does not wish to take part in all of the Youth Ministry programme, please remember that parents and guardians remain responsible for their young people (under 18) at all times.