Keynote Speakers

Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo, STD

After assignments in the Vatican Curia, as Spiritual Director in various seminaries, and as a commentator for international media networks, Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo, STD, is fulfilling a lifelong dream of immersing himself in the life of the Saints in the Diocese of Assisi (Italy), where he serves as Director of International Affairs and Vice Rector/Canon of the Cathedral of San Rufino. He has followed the life of the soon to be Saint Carlo Acutis, whose witness, normal and holy, continues to inspire countless numbers of people in every corner of the world, who want to know this young Saint and follow his simple roadmap to holiness. Monsignor Figueiredo is responsible for bringing Blessed Carlo's Pericardium Heart Relic to different nations and speaking first hand about him. He is the author of the Catholic Truth Society's bestseller, "Blessed Carlo Acutis: 5 Steps to being a Saint.