Help us GROW

the mission

New Dawn is a big project. Your giving helps us cover our costs and continue the work of renewal in this land.

Why give to New Dawn?

Reach more
We want New Dawn to grow. Your giving allows us to plan for the future.
Help us to build this year's New Dawn and provide a powerful experience of hope.
Enable us to bring amazing speakers and evangelists to this year's event.

What it costs

New Dawn costs a significant amount of money.

As a charitable organisation, we do not make any profit and are required to fundraise all year round to recover any losses incurred through the event.

Your generous support helps us to pay suppliers and stay financially viable.

Gift Aid

By gift aiding your donation, we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give!

Sponsorship opportunities

Are you an organisation or ministry? Become an official sponsor of New Dawn! Here are the opportunities open to sponsors.

A stall
Have a dedicated space among our exhibitors.
Print & Web
We’ll announce you on our website/social media and feature you in our downloadable programme.
A shout out
Our New Dawn MCs will introduce all pilgrims to your work.
How else could we partner with you? We are open to ideas!